A FuturDome_0061LowOnce, this Liberty Palace, was the meeting place of world renowned artists who were part of the Futurist Movement. During the Forties, the last Futurist artists met, worked and debated in the building, setting the basis for ground-breaking aesthetic currents. Now FuturDome, curated by Isisuf – International Institute on Futurism Studies, under the Artistic Direction of Atto Belloli Ardessi, is an indipendent museum where next-generation residential spaces host cultural events, organized into the building common areas, or directly in the private apartments.
FuturDome demonstrates how living becomes a sequence of spatial recognition, alternating refined cladding to precious artistic solutions. Experimental compartments and site-specific artworks blend in a daily life milieu, as unique forms of meditation.

The fluidity of FuturDome spaces allows creatives to install micro-worlds of highly aesthetic and sensorial impact within the domestic scenarios.