From 2011, FuturDome has become an inspirational source for international artists such as AndreĢ Komatsu, Christine Sun Kim to designers collective like Nucleo. The purpose is formulating a system researching for a critical level of consciousness, inspire by selected artists and artworks, becoming a reference for the most representative institutions within modern and contemporary art world.
Thanks to a direct dialoguing with artists and a refined selection of exhibition programs, FuturDome boasts very strict requirements concerning the experimental energy of its living surfaces. Being proactive with contemporary and modern art entities, FuturDome increases the housing and working quality and offers more value to the building itself, preserving and protecting an avant-garde environment too.
Creating a brand new culture headquarter in FuturDome it represents the latest phase of a regeneration project. FuturDome embodies a 1913 Liberty Palace requalification and an historical rehabilitation, through a research on XX Century avant-gardes intertwined with artistic site-specific projects set into domestic spaces. An accurate selection of emerging talents, as well as of established collectives, of high-quality new processes, of productive methodologies and unpublished projects are the daily FuturDome’s highlights research.